Benefits of Autogas

Propane autogas fuels smart fleets. Fleets that run on autogas – by converting existing vehicles or purchasing new autogas vehicles – save on fuel costs and reduce their carbon footprint, benefit your company’s bottom line, and get an edge with green branding. LEARN MORE>


Autogas for Fleets

Fleets that switch from gasoline to propane autogas experience significant fuel savings and extended engine life for their vehicles, all while using a domestically produced fuel that reduces harmful vehicle emissions. Take a look at what SPADP fleets have to save about running their vehicles on the world’s number one alternative fuel. LEARN MORE>


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MS roadshow

Last 2012 propane autogas roadshows held in Miss., Va., and La.

The 2012 SPADP Propane Autogas Roadshow Series was rounded out in September and October with the final three roadshows held in Mississippi, Virginia and Louisiana. Take a look at the roadshow recaps below. Mississippi Propane Autogas Roadshow Jackson, MS September 20, 2012 Hosted by: Mississippi Development Authority The Mississippi Propane Autogas Roadshow was held September …

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Top White House environmental adviser tours Newport News

This past Wednesday, the White House’s chief environmental adviser, Nancy Sutley, paid a visit to SPADP fleet partner Newport News, Va. Sutley, also a chairwoman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, toured the Newport News Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services where the city is converting more than 20 of its fleet vehicles …

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