Economic Benefits of Propane Autogas

A recent survey shows cost is the single biggest motivator behind a consumer’s decision of whether or not to adopt alternative fuels. Fortunately, price is one of propane autogas’ biggest selling points.

The most obvious and immediate savings from using autogas can be seen at the pump. Autogas costs about $1.00 less per gallon than regular unleaded gasoline, and a 50-cent-per-gallon federal tax credit can also increase savings. You can find your projected fuel savings from switching to autogas by visiting our online calculator.

There are also a number of other state incentives that encourage the use of alternative fuels like autogas. Incentives in states where SPADP operates include tax credits to purchase or convert an autogas vehicle. The cost of converting a light-duty vehicle to propane autogas can range from $4,000 to $12,000, according to the U.S. Department of Energy′s Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC). However, those who convert their vehicles to autogas find tax credits can offset some of their upfront costs achieve a return on investment within a couple of years. Autogas fueling stations are also eligible for grants and tax credits, and fleets converting vehicles through our Program receive an on-site fueling station at no additional cost from partner Alliance AutoGas.

Autogas vehicles achieve about 90 percent of the miles per gallon as their gasoline-powered counterparts. But, autogas vehicles frequently require less maintenance and oil changes than gasoline vehicles. This means not only a lower repair bill for fleets, but also less downtime for their vehicles, allowing them to continue operating without losing business or reducing efficiency. If time is money, more time on the road is a great thing for commercial fleets.

Like other alternative fuels, propane autogas reduces harmful emissions and pollutants. An added benefit of converting vehicles to autogas is the return on investment and significant savings that come with switching to this domestically sourced fuel. Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world for a reason – it is clean, economical, and available right now.