As Gas Prices Rise, Domestic and Affordable Fuel Grows in Appeal

With gasoline prices projected to rise throughout the U.S. this summer, we are once again reminded of the urgent need for clean, affordable and domestic vehicle fuels. In particular, commercial and public fleets need alternative fuel technologies that offer comparable driving ranges, payload capacities and fuel costs to those that gasoline and diesel technologies offer. Luckily for American consumers, there are several domestic alternative fuels that fit that profile, including propane autogas.

Propane autogas is an economical fueling option that is also cleaner than gasoline. Autogas is historically about $1.00 per gallon cheaper than gasoline in the United States, and autogas vehicles often require less maintenance. Autogas is a truly American vehicle fuel, with over 90 percent of the U.S. supply made in the United States. A well-established infrastructure and an abundant domestic supply also reduce the price volatility of propane autogas compared to gasoline. The U.S. autogas industry not only helps the country break free of its dependence on foreign oil, it can create thousands of American jobs and give the economy a much-needed boost.

The United States’ reliance on foreign oil not only affects America’s energy security, it hinders economic recovery and growth and can complicate international relations. Domestic fuel sources like propane autogas are available right now to fleets nationwide and can provide a long-term affordable alternative to traditional fuels.

Photo: Getty Images