Autogas Gets Law Enforcement Fleets’ Badge of Approval

We rely on our police officers and deputies to be dependable, always there when we need them. So, it’s no surprise that our law enforcement agencies demand the same qualities from their vehicles. As gasoline prices continue to rise, more and more law enforcement agencies are turning to alternative fuels like propane autogas, which has a record of being just as trustworthy as the men and women who protect us every day.

Rising gasoline prices are putting a squeeze on nearly every American consumer and business, but law enforcement fleets are particularly strained from already limited municipal budgets. Autogas is historically $1 cheaper per gallon than gasoline, allowing fleets to save at the pump immediately. Since law enforcement vehicles tend to rack up lots of mileage, their fuel savings are even more prominent. Autogas-powered fleets report their vehicles often require less maintenance, returning even more money to their bottom lines. Program partner fleets in law enforcement such as the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia are saving more than $100,000 a year on fuel thanks to autogas.

Officers and deputies depend on their vehicles, so they demand an alternative fuel that performs as well as gasoline. Autogas vehicles have a similar performance and speed as gasoline vehicles, and achieve 90 percent of the fuel efficiency. Autogas vehicles also have larger fuel tanks than gasoline vehicles, so law enforcement fleets can spend more time on their patrols, not at a fueling station. Program fleet partner Pickens County Sheriff’s Office recently made the switch to autogas, and reports their new vehicles are just as dependable as gasoline cruisers. Pickens County’s autogas vehicles are also safer, since autogas tanks are more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks and unlikely to ignite if there is a fuel leak.

Alternative fuels like autogas also allow law enforcement agencies help the environment, since autogas vehicles produce fewer harmful pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline vehicles. And since 90 percent of the U.S. autogas supply is made in America, autogas law enforcement fleets our helping the nation boost its energy security and create domestic jobs.

Ultimately, alternative fuels are a safe, affordable, and viable choice for law enforcement fleets looking to cut down on emissions and costs. Police and officers who drive autogas vehicles not only don’t have to make any sacrifices, but are able to run greener and save their departments money on fuel costs.