Autogas For Fleets

Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world and is an ideal solution for fleets looking to reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Fleets can convert vehicles they currently operate, or purchase new vehicles with autogas systems.

So, what makes propane autogas such a great fuel for fleets? Autogas is a perfect alternative for fleets because fueling infrastructure can be implemented at the home base, eliminating trips to off-site fueling stations. Additionally, the price per gallon of propane autogas is generally about $1.00 less than that for gasoline and diesel, and autogas vehicles provide virtually the same power as gasoline vehicles. Fleets can also receive comprehensive driver and mechanic training.

There are numerous product offerings for on-road propane autogas engines, including:
• Passenger cars and SUVs such as taxicabs and law enforcement vehicles
• Light- and medium-duty pickups and vans
• School buses and shuttle buses

Check to see how much you could save with our fuel savings calculator.

Case Studies

The City of Newport News in Virginia expects to save more than $22,000 in fuel costs each year after converting 22 of their fleet vehicles from gasoline to propane autogas. Not only is the city saving money, they’re utilizing a cleaner-burning fuel that’s domestically produced. Newport News Case Study Craig Greenlaw, Director of Fleet Services …

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Propane autogas vehicle conversion systems are available for a range of engine platforms. To ensure quality, vehicle conversion equipment in the U.S. must receive approval and certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before being brought to the market. Conversion equipment is available for dedicated propane systems or for bi-fuel systems that can extend vehicle …

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With more than 2,500 stations nationwide, propane autogas has one of the most widely developed fueling infrastructure of any alternative fuel in the United States. Additionally, autogas fueling stations can be installed at the fleet base and different sizes of fuel tanks are available to provide organizations an easily scalable fueling solution. Propane autogas costs …

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New Vehicles

A few manufacturers offer OEM autogas vehicles. Some of these are OEM-equivalent, meaning the vehicles are equipped with a propane autogas fueling system immediately after production. The offerings include: • ROUSH Ford F-150 through F-350 trucks, E-150 through E-450 vans and shuttle buses • General Motors Chevy Express, GMC Savana and other medium-duty Autogas-dedicated propane …

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Propane autogas safety and technician training is essential for vehicle operators, mechanics and fleet personnel, just as it is with gasoline or diesel vehicles. Fleet personnel must learn how to safely fuel their propane autogas vehicles, and if a fleet has an in-house vehicle service center, their mechanics should learn how to properly maintain the …

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