Case Studies

The City of Newport News in Virginia expects to save more than $22,000 in fuel costs each year after converting 22 of their fleet vehicles from gasoline to propane autogas. Not only is the city saving money, they’re utilizing a cleaner-burning fuel that’s domestically produced.
Newport News Case Study

Craig Greenlaw, Director of Fleet Services for Spotsylvania County, said reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs has been a priority for the county’s 1,200-vehicle fleet. “We chose propane autogas for our fleet vehicles because of the win-win aspect: fuel savings and reduced emissions,” said Greenlaw.
Spotsylvania County Case Study

Lewis Pest Control, a family-owned company based out of Alabama, currently has eight autogas vehicles. The company expects to save $16,000 in fuel costs annually with their autogas trucks while displacing about 20 tons of greenhouse gases each year.
Lewis Pest Control Case Study

A community mental health center in Mississippi, Community Counseling Services is converting all 29 of its paratransit vans to autogas. With its 29 autogas vans, the company will save more than $60,000 on fuel costs annually while displacing 40 tons of greenhouse gases and 30,000 gallons of gasoline.
Community Counseling Services Case Study

Buncombe County, N.C., strives to be a leader in utilizing alternative fuel and clean transportation to support the county’s mission of reducing its carbon footprint while saving taxpayer dollars. County officials have researched various alternative fuels in the past, including propane autogas, which would not only significantly reduce harmful pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline, but also cut the county fleet’s fuel budget by thousands annually.
Buncombe County Case Study

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office inGeorgia, located 50 miles west of downtown Atlanta, began researching options for alternative fuels because major fluctuations in gas prices were drastically hindering their operations. “We were tired of being at the mercy of gas prices, which were continually causing budget problems and affecting
our entire fleet and department,” said Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley. “In one month, our gasoline prices went up by almost $1 per gallon, and that really got us looking into alternatives to gasoline. In the end, propane autogas was the most practical option for us.”
Carroll County Case Study

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