Propane autogas safety and technician training is essential for vehicle operators, mechanics and fleet personnel, just as it is with gasoline or diesel vehicles. Fleet personnel must learn how to safely fuel their propane autogas vehicles, and if a fleet has an in-house vehicle service center, their mechanics should learn how to properly maintain the vehicles with the help of autogas technician experts.

OEM dealerships and conversion centers can provide vehicle operators and mechanics with the resources necessary to properly service and fuel the vehicles. Often, this training can be initiated quickly and at a reasonable cost to organizations.

Learn more about the training and support Alliance AutoGas is providing Program fleets, which includes operational and safety training for drivers and employees, as well as technical maintenance and support.

The Propane Education and Research Council − the industry leader in promoting safety, training, and the development of commercialization of propane technologies − is also a great source for propane safety and handling guidelines.

Propane autogas vehicles need to be respected, just like gasoline vehicles. Here are some basic tips for the safe operation and servicing of autogas vehicles:

• Always wear protective eyewear and gloves when fueling vehicles
• Do not smoke or have any flame sources present during the fueling or servicing of autogas vehicles
• Refer to your propane autogas vehicle handbook for proper fueling and servicing instructions, and do not hesitate to call your dealership or conversion center with any questions you may have regarding your autogas vehicle

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