As the third most popular vehicle fuel worldwide, propane autogas technology is proven and widely available.

Autogas is abundant in supply, with approximately 98 percent of autogas used in the U.S. produced domestically. There are also currently more than 2,500 private and public autogas fueling stations across the country. Several autogas technology vendors, such as SPADP partner Alliance AutoGas, are so confident in the cost-effectiveness and viability of the fuel that they’re installing infrastructure to fleets at no up-front cost.

With an established and growing infrastructure, plentiful fuel supply, and a competitive market, fleet operators can feel secure about transitioning to an American-made alternative fuel.

Autogas vehicles provide:

  • 85 to 90 percent of the driving range as gasoline vehicles, with dedicated and bi-fuel vehicle offerings available
  • Comparable refueling time to gasoline vehicles
  • Lower maintenance and fueling costs
  • Improved fuel efficiency and reliability of the technology over previous decades
  • Confirmed environmental benefits with lowered emissions

Autogas conversion technology is also proven, meeting EPA standards before being brought to market. Learn more about converting vehicles to autogas on our Conversions page.

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